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“Hire a pitbull, not a poodle!” is my motto.  I stand by it and hold no punches.  Always hire someone who will be on your side and fight for YOU.  My name is Sotero and I was born in New Orleans, LA but the Motor City made me.   I am a happy father of 4 beautiful children and husband to a lovely wife of 13 happy years.

I am an entrepreneur & maverick down to my DNA with 25 years of sales & marketing experience.

Since I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki I made the decision to become a real estate investor, licensed agent and dominate the industry.

I am driven, passionate, aggressive, persistent and get things done.

If you are looking to sell your property and want someone who will be straight with you, work in your behalf and get things done then pick up the phone and call me not now, but RIGHT NOW!

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Sotero Lopez II

Sotero Lopez II

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

"I Buy & Sell real estate and help other people do the same!"

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